Today, we shall be resilient no more.
Times have tested our simple ignorance,
When acts have crumbled our existence.
Our friends and families are no more.

We watched the terror through swollen eyes,
When beautiful days bore crimson tides.
Explosions and gunfire weakened our souls.
Today, we shall be resilient no more.

Vengeance may be a virtue of the weak,
But strong voices are our weapons to keep.
We will walk against our common foe.
Today, we shall be resilient no more.
No more will we take these ignorant killings,
That for some fools may define a virtuous doing.
We will will rise and remember our fallen brothers
And bring honour to their weakened mothers.

We are united through a future alike,
But ignorance always splits this divide wide.
We will take up voices and challenge terror
Today, we shall be resilient no more.

These lines, I wrote last year as I refreshed my BBC feed trying to wrap my head around this sudden and unexpected string of events unfolding in Mumbai.

Last year as the events unfolded, I was far away from India, yet the sheer destructive power of the attacks left me reeling with anger. We had been tested too far. Year after year, we’ve taken blasts and apart from seeing the clips on TV, we did nothing more. Our resilience has reached its nadir. I can make the same argument that terror takes innocent lives but that time for argument has passed. We need to change our outlook to handling terror. Lets not reduce it to mere twenty minutes of news segments. I want to take a firm stand against it and I want the government to listen to us. We, shall be resilient no more.