It’s finally here. After over half a million people just like you, did DoGoods, our first anniversary is upon us. We’ve been true to our word and you’ve held up your part of this great initiative too. We promised you 365 collective acts of kindness and asked you to take us to 300,000 DoGoods. The masses have spoken and their words ring loud and clear – you want more. Are we going to stop here? Hell no. We’re just getting started on making DoGood bigger, better and a lot more good action.

On this magnificent day, I can’t help being nostalgic and the occasion calls for it too. June 6th, 2009 saw DoGood thrust into the Apple Store and my teammates – Jason & Kunal – began our growth story right from within Apple’s WWDC last year. The numbers slowly began to rise and so did your heartwarming stories, constructive feedback, DoGood suggestions and blog mentions. You raved about us on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and the myriads of blogs that are our social mouthpieces and we listened, with great delight. Never had the public thrown so much affection, criticism and most importantly power behind our actions. A product conceived to show that our smudge friendly devices were not merely tap-o-licious fartboxes and game consoles had finally won the support of the people and that was its greatest victory. DoGood has never been about personal gain and we carry this spirit to the very day.

The power of DoGood and it’s growth lies squarely in the palms of the doers that champion it every day. A network of anonymous individuals is how we see the Good Samaritan world where their actions speak louder collectively than individually. I could throw in the adage, ‘united we prosper, divided we fail’ but it will only perhaps over-simplify the ideology that powers DoGood. Through your stories, you’ve given strength to your actions and to the others too. The stories of children talking to estranged fathers after eight years, leaving positive messages across our cities and adding just that smile of goodness when we’ve flashed grins at strangers are all simplistic actions but to see so many do it together only reiterates the need for good doing.

It is easy to destroy things but doing good deeds requires courage. It requires us to put others before us. It forces us to forgo our pleasures for those who need it. It challenges us to change our habits and forces us to do things differently. Clearly, doing good deeds is not easy but to the doers of DoGood, I salute you and I firmly believe that the lives you touched did bless you also. So in the spirit of good-doing, I welcome you to a week of festivities as we hope you will set an example for the thousands around you and implore them – definitely those with iPhones – to DoGood strongly, courageously but peacefully. On our first anniversary, let me usher you into the new year of DoGood as we set ourselves no milestones, define no boundaries but promise to pass it on and collectively overflow the river of good. Holiday season may come in the winters but together we can make all year to be a showcase of our sensibilities, our goodness and the prevalence of passing on a positive cheer through most of our actions.

Special thanks!

UMICH DoRAK – This student organization at the University of Michigan is the pandora of goodness, quite literally. Chris Dietzel (@cdietzel) and his awesome team have been keeping the DoGoods coming day in and day out. Without them, we wouldn’t have lasted so long and they deserve all the praise and thanks in the world. Go Blue, Go DoRAK! Tonic Inc. – Their name says it all and they live up to it everyday. Tonic took the reins of DoGood to make it bigger, better and a whole lot more good and I firmly believe in them. A quick stop at their website usually turns into an hour long reading material as they cover every aspect of a good-doing lifestyle. Congratulations are in order for Will Weisman, Pankaj Shah and their awesome company.