From websites for the biggest brands in the MENA region to digital and social media content generation, Innovations is one of the best teams I’ve worked with in a long time. People in the MENA and South East Asia region who are looking for an awesome agency to handle their digital engagement solutions should give us a holler. If we don’t blow you away, you can call me a Dunky. Check out our site at




Tom Roychoudhury – Chief Guru / Blow-your-mind-ideation Man / Presentation Superhero
Amol Kadam – Mr. Cool / Run-to-him-for-help Man / UI Extraordinaire
Devesh Mistry – Social Buzz Man / Guitarist by Night / Wordsmith
Abdul Basit – Resident Heavyweight / Cannes Filmmaker / CRM Boss
Nancy Khurana – CRM-by-day-writer-by-night / Hoodie Evangelist / Laptop Destroyer
Ahmad Salem – Innovations Habibi / Electronica Enthusiast
Nitin Pakhare – Flash Genius / Cool Tees / Ramdev Rice Man
Rey Amio – Scripting God / Tipsy-Epiphanies / ‘Hero’
Sandi Jabbour – Early-Riser / Pedro / Arabic Translator
Kapil Jain – Mr. Implementor / Executioner / Tech Backbone
Pankaj Nainwal – Mr. Silent / Not much else is known about him… sshhhh!
and Mayank Garg – Munky Around The World