This afternoon, I landed on the following article – “6 Things That Have to Change About iTunes” and I have to agree with most of the issues in there. Most people know me to be somewhat of an Apple antagonist but that’s not entirely true. I think their product design and marketing strategies are some of the best in the world of personal electronic devices – you can’t call them PCs, it pisses Mac fans off!

On the Mac, iTunes is the only choice you have as far as media players go. But iTunes isn’t merely a media player anymore. With the iTunes Store and Ping coupled in, it is the Apple marketplace on your desktop. Though very few folks actually buy music on the iTunes store in the Middle East, everybody is toting an iPhone or an iPod. Your syncing options therefore are singular in nature and thereby defines your media player too.

So here are some things I want to see on iTunes, if I ever go back from my beloved MediaMonkey on Win7. On the Mac, I’m still stuck with this piece of crap.

1. Now Playing

Every single media player that I’ve ever used has had an active playlist or as Windows Media Player called it – ‘Now Playing’. This single oversight on Apple’s part is perhaps one of the craziest UI decisions I’ve ever come across. Most times, I’m not playing a single playlist, but mixing and matching songs as my mood goes. If I feel the need to play only a couple of songs by The Decemberists and then change over to the Shins, I don’t want to update my already created playlists as I go along. I also don’t want to save every ‘Now Playing’ playlist. It’s crazy how many untitled playlists I have due to this reason. What can I say, my music moods are chaotic.

2. Diversified Media Folder Library

One folder for all your iTunes music is great. It’s awesome. But it’s also a little behind the times. Everybody I know has an external hard drive these days and more often than not, they’re carrying the sum total of all their media collections on them. If I carry this between home and work, the least I want is that my music is accessible easily. It would do well for iTunes to look in a library system where users can add multiple sources. One media folder is just too painful.

3. Play Next

This one again ties into my first feature wish. I don’t think this is a real priority but it would be nice to have, if they can’t do a ‘Now Playing’ playlist.

4. Support for native FLAC

I don’t care for Apple Lossless and I’m not going spend all that time converting all my FLACs to their lossless format.

5. Rating in the ‘Currently Playing’ box

I wish there was an easier way to change rating while the current song was playing. If I’ve scrolled down my damn library, I have to either scroll up to find the song and then rate it or I can search it out. Either way increased user interaction to a simple task that affects my listening habits.