It is said that it takes 66 days to form a habit. While I disagree with most psychotherapy babblers, I will say that the number 42 is perhaps the right number over 66. Why 42? If you’re a hitchhiker, you’ll know perfectly why. The reason I bring this up is because I’m now 14 days into writing this weekly babble and maybe, just maybe, I’ll hit the magic number. Only time will tell.

Ramadan has begun and your “productive” work hours have (probably) halved. So, its important that we get started right on and make it count. For those of you who will be staying in later, do drop by. I’m committed to always being the last one out the door.


Lars and the Hands of LightThis week’s music playlist was a little tough to crack. Indie was the headliner last week and this week, I was confused as to which direction I should take. So, I’ve come up with an eclectic mix. Not a whole lot of you will probably get into the groove with this one but I try, oh how hard I try. Listen to it here or scroll to the bottom to play it:


Killer Slide Decks at Note and PointI’m a stickler for sweet looking pressos (or decks or slides). We work in an agency where consistent communication is key. If you’re ever confused which font to use, be safe and never use Comic Sans, Papyrus or Zapfino. We’re not in kindergarten, we’re not unearthing Tutenkhamen’s tomb and mostly we’re not sending out wedding invites. Both Archer and Arial/Helvetica are good fonts. And if you’re still stuck and behave like an outlaw that I am, check out “Note & Point” for inspiration on some good looking decks at


Tennis Green

I’m certain that almost all work you do happens on a screen. And while there are some who prefer the plain jane black desktop wallpaper, some can never find the right one. Change your wallpaper from time to time. It’ll do wonders for your mood. After all, when you angrily minimize Excel or Powerpoint in disgust, let a happy image get you back on track. My wallpapers change every day – a little script I wrote (ooh geek alert) – but you can find one easily enough from any of these places – Simple Desktops (, InterfaceLift ( ) and Kitsune Noir ( )


Over the past few months, Pinterest seems to be growing its user base considerably. People are visual. The plethora of magazines will agree with us as well. And 9 out of 10 times, we’re selling consumers a visual experience as well so it has to have merit. Well, Pinterest’s board features are definitely setting it apart from both Facebook, Twitter and the trying-too-hard Google+ (Harvey Bennett will kill me for saying this). I’ve been thinking of launching a Pinterest account for UM MENA and while I’m certain that interest in it will dwindle over time, I would like for us to collectively push through with what the people here represent. Our likes, passions and hobbies can all be captured through pictures and videos we view and curate. So before I take the dive, lets get this rolling with a show of hands. Oops, please reply with “+1 PIN UM”


One word. Awesome.

Exquisite Forest installation at Tate Museum

That’s it for this week folks. Till the next one comes around.