Rock 42

Talking of metal, this week I’m changing gears (pun intended) to take you back to my favorite Rock tracks. A road trip without these tracks for me is not a road trip at all. And after boring you lot with Indie and eclectic (he-listens-to-weird-stuff) music, I thought it would be good to play what people have grown up listening to. So here is Rock 42 – forty two tracks that I absolutely adore in Rock. I would headbang to some of them but if you’ve seen me, I would need extensions to do that. Listen to it here:

McDonald’s and Boris Johnson

boris-johnsonIf you missed the opening of the London Olympics then you’re most probably an oaf. Which is what Boris Johnson is said to be too. Boris – the Mayor of London – single handedly destroyed McDonald’s reputation as being the worst sponsor of the London Olympics. When he ranted on as “Apparently this stuff is absolutely bursting with nutrients,” I’m certain he’d never been to McDonald’s or flipped over the nutrition leaflet to see how many calories go into those nutritional meals of happiness that everyone is lovin’. Read the entire article on the oafness that probably gave a PR agency tons to do over the weekend –

Mr. Bean at the Olympics

If you missed on watching the opening and just read about it over a cup of tea (or some other exotic liquid), here is what you need to watch from the opening. While its definitely quite cliched, it works as a live gag and there is absolutely nobody better than Rowan Atkinson when it comes to it. Watch the video before I spoil it further here:

The Type Connection

You may think that creative design and pairing typefaces (or fonts) should only be left to the creative designers. Well no sir no, you can do the same as well. Aura Seltzer has come up with a solution for just this problem. And that too with a game. A simple game that will show you the beauty of type and how to pair the two. Once you’re done with it, don’t just sit back and say “that’s cool”, fire up Word or Powerpoint and give it a go. And instantly, I guarantee you will feel like you’re designing elaborate book covers on things you haven’t yet written. Check out the Type Connection here:

Re-shout on Pinterest

Have you ever had that feeling when you start thinking about something you see It everywhere? It’s like buying a new car. When you don’t think about the specific model otherwise, you rarely ever see them but voila when you start honing on the car to buy, you see them swarming around you. Your neighbor (who you’ve never met) has one and it feels like everybody in the city is driving the same damn model. Well, the same has been happening to me with Pinterest. Since one person came back to my email, three clients have requested for a presence on Pinterest and we’re now seriously giving it some thought. So let’s hear it for Pinterest. The gentlemen are invited as well.

That’s it for this week. I’ve just realized that I’m getting longer and longer with these with each passing week. Just like the Harry Potter series. Remember the first book and compare it to the last one. See how big it became. Anyway, I should stop before this continues any further.

Signing out until next week.