Its close to noon and I almost forgot that I took on another task last week. Sending a week kickstarter.

Well here it is…

First off, Mr. Bean doesn’t do Hugs

Mr. Bean Doesn't Do Hugs







Indie Music

My speakers here in the Innovations bullpen churn a lot of music throughout the day. However, it rarely ever plays the Top 40 on Billboard. If I wanted that, I’d put on the radio and let my ears bleed. No sir, and ma’am, no. We need the offbeat. And no, I don’t mean Rick Rolling. So here is the mix for this week.


The Film Club

Jack Nicholson on The ShiningIt’s interesting when people say film to me. So much different and classier than saying “movie”. Probably, a little pretentious and cine-douchey as well. I’m an avid ‘film’ buff and I don’t watch anything that has Twilight in it. For the ones, who are into films, here are my top picks for this week.

For the Mad Ones

The Shining – nothing says batshit looney like Jack Nicholson at the bar. Its also a really good whiskey break.

For the Melancholies

The Sweet Hereafter – probably the best film to come out of Canada. If you’re into tearing and crying during films, please do it over something that doesn’t involve a dude leaving a girl heartbroken for the millionth time.

For the Thinkers

The Man from Earth – If I say anymore, I will give away the plot.

For the Love-doves

Yes, I have something for the snifflers. Say Anything. That’s the film. A shout to the yesteryears.

I missed out on an action film. But given that my mind plays films of clients and me in an action film all the time, I don’t really need to ever watch one.

Apps to get you Going

Best of AppStormI swear by Appstorm. Envato is a successful online startup story in itself. However, their Appstorm series daily chronicles apps for iPad, Mac, Android and yes, Windows too. Here is a list of all lists for free apps for your needs. Check them out and you’ll find some sweet gems in there.

Get up to speed with Digital

Here is a nice long read on why account managers shouldn’t prevent designers from speaking to clients. Please make sure that they don’t end up doing all your talking but its always crucial to have the folk who knows his stuff in the room.

That’s all for today and this week folks. This is the bespectacled, slightly rotund dude from the digital bullpen signing out.