Aamir Khan, a highly respected actor in India has taken it upon himself to bring to light India’s most sensitive social topics. The amazing thing is that over 1.2 billion have connected to the TV show in some shape or form.

So, this one is really for the TV folks amongst us. There are many ways we can connect digital to TV and start doing our own internal data analysis. Let this be a thought starter.


Last week, I missed out on hitting up Osheaga – a rock solid music fest in Montreal. While I did cry myself to sleep over it at night, I realized soon enough something that every other person who likes to watch sports at home knows.  There is no better peace than enjoying music in the comfort of your car hurtling down Emirates Road at forbidden speeds than getting yourself muddy in the mosh pit. And as soon as I realized this, the pain was gone.

But then Osheaga’s email dropped in my inbox and they showed off “Pixel Rain”. This is some really cool stuff and I’m sure all of you who work with event organizers will like to push something like this, if you haven’t already. Air France and Moment factory teamed up to make it “rain pixels” while The Black Keys played “Everlasting Light”. 2,000 of the pixels dropped offer 20% off the purchase of an Air France ticket, and of those pixels, 5 are winners of a pair of round-trip tickets to Europe!


I love Kickstarter. Its a constant source of amazement and innovation. Kickstarter is an online startup where people post projects that they want to pursue and require funding for it. If your case is true and you can sell it well, you will get backed.

True innovation is when people get up and get shit done themselves. Why spend thousands on a Mulberry or a Burberry (don’t tell Debi that), you can find leather bags made by craftsman and you’ll love the bespoke quality you get out of them. But this piece isn’t about the leather bags, its rather about Botiful – a social telepresence robot for Android. After being backed by Skype, this gadget is now very close to seeing the light of day. The robot works like this – connect and hook up your Android (yes, not for you iPhone snobs) and voila you can control your phone as a robot that sees and moves.

Somebody in a barnyard is probably going – “its a conspiracy”.


When I started writing this piece, it was for two reasons – one to say what shouldn’t stay in my head for the love of going insane and the other to keep you folks updated. Staying up to date is tough and know it from me that its tough knowing everything. Everything relevant that is. The trouble with always being relevant is that you lose sense of the fun stuff. I mean this purely from a work angle. So get yourself some tools to help you stay updated. This article from Smashing Magazine is not epiphanous but it does help give you some guidelines to staying in the loop of things. Read the article here.

For keeping up with stuff, here are some blogs that you should add to your RSS feed. If you don’t have an RSS reader, check out Pulse’s awesome new web app: http://www.pulse.me

For the curious long-readers: http://www.brainpickings.org

For the Fashionistas: http://www.thesartorialist.com

For the techies: http://www.fastcompany.com/technology

For plain stupid humor: http://www.cracked.com/

For music inspiration: http://hypem.com/



No seriously. We can. Last week, UM Dubai finally closed a deal with Melwater Buzz. Social listening allows us to read through lots of blogs (about 250 million), twitter feeds, facebook status updates, forums, message boards and other social outlets to mine what people are saying about brands, campaigns, general events and more. Add to this a layer of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a fancy term for programming that allows computers to assign a sentiment value to what people are saying and suddenly, you’ve now got consumer sentiment. And by the way, Meltwater Buzz does this for Arabic too. Yippee!


On Thursday, the 16th, our caped crusader comes to town after striking fear everywhere. It has been a tragic turn of events with us being the last people in the world to see it. So if any of you are booking tickets or thinking of making this a UM night out, let’s get the counts in. I hope that for my sake, Christopher Nolan has finally fixed Batman’s voice. The Joker was more eloquent in the last outing than our black caped friend much as the video above proves.