I’ve been waiting patiently for things to go stale at some time with my ownership of the Jaguar. It finally happened. And now as I look back at the encounter, it all feels like one of those lovely sweet crushes, the weeks of courting following it and the eventual sorry state that you inevitably find yourself in. I think that sums up everything I have to say about Al Tayer Motors. And it’s reaffirmed that there are very few dealers in this market that really even care about their customers. They are an afterthought that disappears as quickly as the car left their doors and into the hands of their customer.

This month, I finally had my first service for the F-Type. And the price is not something I’m going to wail about. But, I am EXTREMELY (and I can’t make that any more bold or stronger) mad with the lackadaisical attitude at Al Tayer Motors.

Firstly, when the beautiful courtship was occurring and in the 5 months following that I waited to pick up the car, never was I once informed about a separate service contract that I would have to buy to cover my car for the first 65,000km or 3 years. But I’ll chalk this up as my folly due to my over-exuberance as a lovestruck fool for never asking them about it. I never asked, so they never told me. Until I walked in to meet a service advisor.

And here is where the really bad aftertaste was left in my mouth. The Sheikh Zayed Road service centre that I drove into has everything except an ounce of ‘service’. I’ve had better experiences at Gargash with my Mercedes and Al Futtaim with my dad’s Lexus many eons ago.

After I had reeled back from the shock of not being informed about the service package that I had to now buy, I resigned to my fate to service my car and leave the premises so they could get on with it. On enquiring about being hailed a cab, I was pointed to a door that led to the outside of the building. I’m glad I was atleast given directions to this little grey door.

And so the day passed and I put away this moment. And then dusk came and with a call that informed me that my car was ready for collection, I walked again through this little grey door.

No service advisor to hand off my car. Nobody to explain what had been done to it. After all, I could read the receipt and comprehend so why have somebody there.

And then the car showed up after what seemed like it had been through a freak downpour in Dubai. Thank you, Al Tayer Motors for trying to clean my car. It gave me a great vision of what the F-Type Coupe would look like if it were in London on a rainy day. So, as I rolled my windows down to hand over my gate pass and up again as I drove out of the service center, the streaking water droplets on my window completed that experience. Rain in Dubai when not raining never felt so good.

I would like to use other superlatives as to how betrayed I feel given the jump I’ve made investing in a Jaguar and for the months of beautiful courtship and the driving experience, but I think I’m done. My only consolation from all of this is that while Jaguar themselves have made a masterpiece that delights me everyday, I know it’s in a much better place today in my garage than sitting under the lights at Al Tayer Motors.