Disclaimer: This post was in no way expressed on behalf of SelectNano or their team. On some level, I wish it would translate into a discount but if you get an opportunity to experience their service, I think you’ve already paid less than you were charged. And to bargain with Fred would be a gross error.

It’s been almost 6 months since I brought home the F-Type and every day since then has been magic. Some people would say that I’m too obsessed with my car and they wouldn’t be lying. The simple truth is that when you finally get to live your boyhood dream of owning a sports coupe, you begin to live every moment of it in wonder.

And after all that time when your rosy vision is slowly fading is when you notice all the little blemishes that have taken a toll on your prized road warrior. Six months in Dubai certainly took its toll on the Jaguar F-Type. Keeping a black car clean in the UAE for more than 5 minutes is virtually impossible. If you’ve owned one, you will instantly empathize with the pain that follows as a thin layer of dust will blanket itself across the body of your prized possession.

The one thing I’ve known and realized early on is that the car washes at gas stations (and I mean the manual ones) or even the waterless ones in building garages all suffer from one large and glaring flaw. It’s not that they don’t have the equipment to wash your car.

They just don’t know how.

And soon you’ll see the swirls and contaminants show up in your paintwork. Their circular driving soap cloths with the over-enthusiastic rubbing may look like it’s doing it work on your car but it’s doing the complete opposite. And the shines they promise you for your interiors or your tires is completely rubbish. All of this will soon leave you itching to get a detailing done to restore that beautiful finish you’ve been holding in your memory of the first day it came home.

And so with the swirls emerging and paintwork degrading, I dropped a line to multiple friends on where I should get the F-Type restored. And surprisingly, the unanimous answer was, “Give Fred a call!”

And thereon began a journey into learning infinitely more about my car than I could ever pick up online.

You will either instantly take to Frederik Faidhi (Fred) or dislike him altogether. There is no middle ground. Extremely polarizing with his words — which there will be many many of — you won’t deny however why he’s called the “Surgeon General of Detailing” and why Select Nano do deserve to be called the “Doctors of Detailing”. And if you do fall in the former group of people, get ready for some of the best automotive conversations you’ve had. Perhaps, ever. It may seem that he’s giving you one of the best spiels you’ve ever heard from a salesman but slowly and surely, you’ll see that there is an undying need to be perfect. That my friends, is the method to his madness.

He will tell you more about your car in 30minutes than you would have ever surmised before. And as you drove your car through its bright green doors in Al Quoz and onto the spotless grey floor completed by the best light display that rivals and beats what even most showrooms have, one thing will be evidently clear: Select Nano like Fred is not a phony at detailing and when you’ve lived in Dubai long enough, picking up phonies comes easy. This isn’t a workshop. This is an operating theatre.

Select Nano’s attention to detailing is phenomenal. I’ve had cars detailed in the past and almost all of them were done in half a day. With Fred, make sure you give him his time — if he’ll take your car that is — and you must absolutely promise to follow his rules unto death itself. That’s not a joke and like I’ve said before if you fall into the former group of people who take to him, you will nod along and drop your jaw in awe with every new tidbit that comes your way.

I’m not saying that time is always a barometer of quality but in the case of Fred and his team’s work, it will show. I had known that my car was metallic black when I’d ordered it and picked it up. But I’d never seen what Fred coins – “The Big Bang”…


Before & After on removing the swirls at Select Nano
DETAILING STAGE 2 // Before and After on removing the swirls at Select Nano. I was told this was just Stage 2. The F-Type took 8 stages.


Millions and millions of stars shone on the paintwork as little flecks of blue, green, red and yellow sparkled to reveal their lustrous quality. You haven’t seen metallic paintwork until your car has been with these guys. Here’s a photo above of them having worked on the right side of the hood panel and you can clearly see where the light falls. The left is a remembrance of a JJ Abrams edit with its flares and swirls. The right however, is the night sky – an endless canvas of sparkling stars. An absolute beauty to behold.


Before & After on the Red Leather Interior of the Jaguar F-Type Coupe
THE INTERIORS // Before and after on the Red Leather Interior of the Jaguar F-Type Coupe


And on the inside, my red leather seats were softer and cleaner than they’d ever been. You would imagine that 6 months wouldn’t really add that much damage to your seats and you’d be so wrong. The heat coupled with my denim had managed to do their damage.

I’ve got my first wash lined up in a couple of days with them to complete the nano particle finish that has been applied to the car. More on the effects of that will follow in the next post.

Oh… and by the way, if you must and dare to give Fred a call, here’s the number – 04 3393 255

Photos courtesy: Select Nano