In crescent forms, it fashioned a robe
Disrobed it will in strokes of darkness
A thobe it was in swatches of white
The darkness lifting, the bright sight

Drunk saunters it encounters
Steps and strides it countered
Haze and indigos draw the sky
The dark before the light reminds
That days will come and nights will reign
Like cumbersome beating hearts in rain

The world apart comes layered
With peeling skins of freedom
That intertwine to make
A thobe it was in swatches of white
A robe fashioned in crescent forms

Till rising suns burn the robe
In golden rays of sunny strobes
The drunk encounters now subside
The world a clearer one alights

The crescent robe must burn away
For tomorrow brings another day
Or night, it is much too slight
The world a clearer one alights.