Shifting sands speak in airy tides
Hither thither rewriting lands
Often they seem like broad brushes
Of orange, red and yellow swatches
Like shifty souls they burn hot
Then wither away as they fall apart
On tracks we humans lay to walk
The sands drift with nary a cause
But what if there was a meaning behind
The shifty drafts and airy rants

The sands they speak across the lands
We were here beyond your hands
Roaming through eons and grooming lands
Before your towers rose and machines marked
White lines and black asphalt swathes
You can draw lines in us
But waters too will redraw them out
We were here and owned these lands
Your walls do nothing to stop our brand
Hither thither we’ll rewrite these lands
With our broad brushes and fine lines in the sand

What you call deserts, we call the soul
Plentiful and very real
So try not to stop our march
Don’t sift through us like we’re too small
For what you sieve means less to you
You are sands and sands are you.